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It's the craze taking the world by storm: Planking. Do you have the skills to take it to the next level, extreme style?

Take it to the streets and show the world what you've got by finding the best plank spots and comboing into other planks, and then combo again for massive respect! Plank the cars. Plank the trains. Plank every damn thing you can see. Tumble through the air, score big and plank your way into the history books (or at least into our online leaderboard).

Are you ready to step up and lie down with the best of them?


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  • All the fun of planking with none of the social or legal persecution.
  • Intuitive Plank-o-matic control scheme.
  • Riveting officially endorsed extreme planking scoring and combo system.
  • EIGHT expert plankers to choose from.
  • An entire downtown district, basketball playground and central park to plank around in, complete with secret and hard to reach locations.
  • Incredible pixel art objects and a thumping soundtrack come together to create the perfect planking heaven.
  • You can plank the Sun, Moon, Bears, Trains, Cows, Grannies and much much more!
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